What to do in Izmir in Winter?

Izmir, which has known as a summer city with its location, climate and dozens of coastal towns next to it, has another beauty in winter. There are many things to do and discover in Izmir, which does not hibernate. What can be done in Izmir in winter? Where to go around Izmir? Are there places for ski tourism? All in this article.

Alsancak is active in every season

Although the winter months are usually when people retreat to their homes and the streets are empty, if you want to spend time on the busy streets, you should visit Alsancak. Alsancak, located in the center of Izmir, is always lively and active, regardless of the season, time, day or night. Kıbrıs Şehitleri (Cyprus Martyrs’) street, Alsancak's most popular street, where you can find whatever you are looking for, is always full of people. With its shops, cafes, restaurants, famous patisseries, bars, exhibitions and museums, Alsancak draws you in and you do not understand how the hours pass. Kordon Boyu offers a different atmosphere with its street vendors selling chestnut kebab, boza, sahlep and popcorn. If you want, you can take a walk or do sports in the wide beach area or sit in a cafe and enjoy watching the sea and passers-by. Alsancak, which has many cultural centers and galleries, also draws attention as the center of cultural activities. Whether it is summer or winter, you will not be bored in Alsancak, on the contrary, you will have a pleasant day discovering new places and flavors.

Bostanlı has another beauty in winter

Bostanlı, which has one of the most beautiful and longest beaches of Izmir, attracts attention with its lively, chirpy atmosphere and alternatives like Alsancak. Each of the streets of Bostanlı has a different charm, deserves more attention with its stylish cafes, restaurants, taverns, bars, shops, walking distance to vehicles and tramway. One of the meeting points of Izmir, the Sunset Viewing Terrace on the beach of Bostanlı almost fascinates those who see it with its modern architecture and magnificent view of the bay. Bostanlı market, whose reputation goes beyond the borders of Izmir, is one of the must-visit places. You may want to see this huge market with its organic products and affordable, stylish clothing alternatives other than food and beverage.

Balçova awaits you with its nature, cable car and hot spring

Balçova, one of the districts of Izmir that is surrounded by nature, offers different alternatives to its guests. Balçova is a paradise on earth with its thermal facilities, famous cable car, forested areas, dam lake, İnciraltı Forest and Beach, Monastery walking path, Therapy Forest who is waiting to be discovered lying just behind it and Balçova is ideal for having a bird's eye view of Izmir and having a picnic in summer and winter. The forested hill, which you will reach with an exquisite journey with the cable car, welcomes you with a magnificent view.

Here cafes and restaurants and Turkish famous self-catering barbecue meet you.

In Balçova, which is also an important spa center, you can enjoy the spa by staying at the thermal facilities or using daily services, cure centers, and find the opportunity to relieve the tiredness of the year. Thermal water pools, baths, saunas await you in these facilities.

The great pleasure of ‘hamam’ in winter

Speaking of the hot spring, it is impossible not to mention about the baths. Bath culture has a special importance for Turks. For centuries, it has been used as a social activity besides bathe. Although hammams are one of the preferred facilities for rest and relaxation, in the past, various kinds of entertainment were organized, meals were eaten and songs were sung in baths. Izmir is a very rich city in terms of baths. It is possible to find baths in almost all central districts. While some baths retain their traditional features, more modern baths also offer SPA services.

Bozdağ is calling ski lovers

Bozdağ, which is the ski center of Izmir, serves professional and amateur skiers with its advanced facilities and 3 ski tracks. In Bozdağ, where "Mountaineering Festivals" are held in February every year, members of the mountaineering club coming to the town are camping and walking to the top. The festival also hosts many events. Let us remind you that daily tours are organized to Bozdağ Ski Center, which is open in summer and winter. In most of these tours, it is possible to see Ödemiş, Birgi, Gölcük, Salihli Thermal Springs and Sart ruins as well as Bozdağ. Covered with forests, Bozdağ is the center of attention for visitors with its natural beauties, picnic and recreation areas. Bozdağ also has suitable geographical conditions for paragliding. Paragliding enthusiasts show great interest in the resort, especially in spring and summer. Photography enthusiasts often visit Bozdağ and Gölcük, which are full of wonderful views in summer and winter.

Bozdağ is 110 kilometers from Izmir by car. Those who want to use public transportation can get on the vehicles going to Ödemiş from the bus station and reach Bozdağ by minibus from Ödemiş. Bozdağ is very close from Ödemiş, 29 kilometers.

Gölcük looks fascinating in winter with its lake surrounded by trees.

It is not possible to come to Bozdağ and not visit Gölcük. Gölcük Lake, on the slopes of Bozdağ, draws attention with its historical and cultural past, natural beauty and medicinal plants. The lake is located in the middle of the plateau surrounded by pine forests. Gölcük is a natural paradise with its clean air, lake surroundings offering insatiable views and accommodation facilities intertwined with nature. This natural town, which offers a completely different view during the winter months, is especially beautiful when it snows.

Foça is one of the towns that do not like hibernation

Known as a seaside resort, Foça is also popular in winter. Especially those who are interested in fishing, those who love fishing frequently come to Foça.

Foça is not only frequented by those who want to fish, but also those who love to eat fish. The beautiful fish restaurants lined up along the coast are very lively, especially on weekends. If you choose to come on a Sunday, don't forget to stop by the Earth Market. This is one of the representatives of the Slow Food movement in Turkey. The Earth Market offers a completely organic products and supporting directly manufacturers.

Şirince's winter view is worth seeing

Şirince is one of the most beautiful and famous villages in Izmir. It is famous for its white houses with orange tiles, historical churches, nature, handicrafts and fruit wines. Şirince has another beauty in winter. Especially if it snows, you cannot get enough of the view. If you come to Şirince, do not neglect to visit the wine cellars located on the lower floors of Şirince houses. In the accommodation facilities in Şirince, you can enjoy watching the winter scenery with Şirince wines by the fireplace. Handmade soaps, jams, spices collected from the mountains, and handicrafts sold by the villagers at the stalls open in the streets are waiting for you.


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