Winter Vacation with Children

Contrary to popular belief, Izmir is beautiful not only in summer but also in every season. With its center and its surroundings, it offers many alternatives for those who want to take a vacation in the winter months, especially for children.

Snow holidays usually come to mind when it comes to winter vacation, but actually a fun city cultural trip is much more common and brings many possibilities. Izmir is suitable for city and nature trips during the winter months and offers many opportunities for a fun holiday with children. Children experience unforgettable days when they have fun with nature, learn new things. We have compiled some of the activities you can do during a pleasant holiday with your children in Izmir.

The Natural Life Park offers unforgettable moments

Located in Izmir's Çiğli district, the Natural Life Park, known as the Sasalı Zoo, is located on a huge land of 425 thousand square meters. The park, which is unique in the world, has a great interest of both Izmirians and guests coming to the city. Especially kids love this park. The Natural Life Park, which focuses on 3 basic species, mammals, reptiles and birds, is home to 1,500 animals. Moreover, these animals live in this huge park as if they were in their natural habitat. It is a great privilege for children to observe them in this natural environment. In the park, you can come across many endangered animals such as African pygmy goat, African lion, Bengal tiger, brown bear, gray wolf, hippopotamus, meerkat, lynx, cougar, zebra, giraffe and lemur. In the class of reptiles; There are Bengal varan, python, leopard gecko, Nile crocodile, yellow anaconda, green iguana and different types of turtles. The Natural Life Park, which is also home to more than 50 bird species, is also home to all these, along with the African savannah, children's zoo, poultry shelter, raptors, monkey islands, tropical center, a pond inhabited by ducks and swans, an area for Asian elephants. There is also a reserved area. Natural Life Park is a wonderful place to spend unforgettable moments with your children.

In Space Camp, kids feel like Astronauts

Space Camp is located in Gaziemir district, one of Turkey's most important space camps and science centers. Aiming to focus children who are interested in science, technology, mathematics and similar fields and to increase their knowledge and interest in these fields, the camp provides children with unforgettable experiences. Your children can have great experiences by participating in a two-day or five or six-day program. You can also just visit. In the camp, there are permanent doctors and medical staff, separate accommodation areas for girls and boys, trainers, security cameras, private toilets, bathrooms and dining halls. So you can have peace of mind.

Kültürpark (Culture Park) is very attractive with children's activities

Kültürpark, located in the most central point of Izmir, where culture and nature are intertwined, magnificent trees and rich vegetation attract attention, hosts many activities for children and adults. Being closed to traffic and having playgrounds all around give children the opportunity to run and play as they wish.

Children love the Game and Toy Museum

Ümran Baradan, the game and Toy Museum is one of six toy museums in Turkey. Inside; Many toys, dolls, plush toys, toy cars, dollhouses, fairy-tale heroes and antique toys made of wood, paper and plastic from the past years are on display. The first real hair doll, Mickey Mouse and Laterna Magica's toy are the most striking pieces. Children love this museum, they don't want to go out. If you wish, you can attend the Karagöz-Hacivat shows and depiction workshops with your children.

Bozdağ, the address for ski lovers

Attracting attention with its magnificent nature, located in Ödemiş district of Izmir, Bozdağ Ski Center is described as the Uludağ of the Aegean. Bozdağ Ski Center has 3 ski tracks that appeal to both professional and amateur ski lovers. In this very popular ski center; There are also a 60-bed hotel, restaurant, cafeteria and viewing balconies. In Bozdağ Ski Center, children enjoy spending time with snow and skiing. Let us also mention that Mountaineering Festivals are organized in February every year.


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