45 kilometers from the city center of İzmir, Torbalı, which has been the center of various civilizations throughout history and takes its name from Metropolis, is making a name for itself in culture and tourism with its deep-rooted history although it is known for agriculture and industry.

Places to see for history and archeology

enthusiasts The Ancient City of Metropolis is the most popular place to visit in Torbalı. Translated as “The City of the Mother Goddess”, first settlements in the region began in 3000 B.C.’s. The theatre, acropolis, the hall with mosaics, the senate building, stoa, baths, and many other structures welcome you in the city. The city is located within the borders of Yeniköy, where you should also see the mosque and school buildings built during Sultan Abdulhamid's reign.

To continue your journey of history, you should also visit Sultan Abdülhamit Observation Mansion, which was built as a madrasah by the Sultan himself, and was used as an excavation house, and elementary school later on, and Keçi Castle, which was built in the Hellenistic Era and was used by Rome, Byzantium, Seljuks and Ottomans; and Torbalı City Archive and Promotion Center, which contains many historical documents, and materials and illuminates the history and cultural texture of the district.

A district famous for its caves

According to the survey conducted by the Aegean Cave Research and Protection Institute and supported by the İzmir Development Agency, Torbalı has the most caves in İzmir with 8 caves.

Özbey village within the borders of the borough has caves that have rich tourism potential. The most interesting cave among these is Uyuzdere Cave near Metropolis antique city. Many historical books and amphorae were found in the cave which was probably used as a house during the Roman period.

Dümbelek, Maden, Onyx, İncirli, Beşikçi, Güvercinli and Sarı Kristal cave are other interesting caves in the district.

Natural beauties of Torbalı

Torbanlı is a true heaven for nature-lovers. Dağtekke Village Heals is just 20 km away from the center. Another place famous for its healing spring water is Karaot Village, which is also the ideal place for those who want to live the pastoral life with its cute and calm appearance.

Suyun Başı Picnic Area, Efeoğlu Nature Reserve, and İncircik are three other alternatives if you’d like to spend some time in nature.

Hiking in Torbalı’s mountains is another way to spend time in nature. Hikers encounter unique views and pristine beauties on each path.

Where to visit

Metropolis Ancient City, a favorite of history enthusiasts, is one of the most important places you can visit in Torbalı. Here you can see many buildings such as the ancient theater, the city council Bouleuterion, the Acropolis, the Hall with Mosaics, the Araplıtepe Church, the castle, terrace houses, and baths. Sultan Abdülhamit Observation Mansion, which was built in 1879 as a madrasah by the Sultan himself is another important place to see. The Torbalı City Archive and Promotion Center is a building that contains valuable documents that shed light on the history of the region from the Abdülhamit era. If you want to spend a day in nature, we recommend you to try the İncirlik recreation spot which is a lush and peaceful place with a small stream passing through in it. Another option is Efeoğlu Nature Park, where you can go hiking and cycling, you can relax in the cafeteria, and enjoy nature. If you are into cars, we recommend you to visit the Key Museum. There are many national and international cars are on display at Turkey's most comprehensive classic car and motorcycle museum.

What to do

If you come across the traditional camel wrestling festival which has been organized in the region for centuries, don't forget to take your camera with you. We are sure that you will take great photos at the festival, which has a great atmosphere with delicious food and entertainment. You can also take part in the Yörük Festival held in Ahmetli Village every year, or Rahvan Horse Races held in the spring to add different experiences to your trip. If you’re into caving, Torbalı is perfect for you. It is the district in İzmir which has the most number of caves, that include Uyuzdere, Dümbelek, Maden, Onyx, İncirli, Beşikçi, Güvercinli, and Sarı Kristal caves. You can also visit Dağtekke Village and Karaot Village, which are famous for their healing thermal springs and recommended as a remedy for many diseases. Even the fresh air and the lush nature in these villages will be enough for you to feel better.





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