İzmir City Center Walking Routes

All of the city centers of İzmir with the ease and convenience of three unique routes give you the opportunity to get to know İzmir on foot. 

Red Route

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It’s the unique combination of rich history, friendly people, vibrant social life, cultural heritage and natural beauty that gives İzmir’s reputation as the pearl of the Aegean.

This route winds through various places like Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street where you can enjoy shopping.

Along the route you can hear the sounds of azan and church bells together; there are so many buildings worthwhile seeing such as mosques bearing traces of Ottoman architecture, churches that have reached our present time without losing their appearance and synagogues dating back to 16th century

Blue Route

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İzmir is known for its fabulous location on the Aegean coast. You can enjoy the view while taking a long walk on the shore with Blue Route.

You can also discover lively cafes and endless possibilities for sightseeing and shopping.

During your visit İzmir, you can safely bike along the bicycle road right next to the shore and enjoy the view.

Yellow Route

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This route will introduce you to the south part of the city center of İzmir and runs through several interesting places like historical train stations. It will take you from historical places to the Archaeological site of Agora then the old bazaar of Kemeraltı.

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