Explore Izmir in 24 Hours

Izmir is a metropolis with rich surroundings and offering many alternatives. All seasons are very active. When you are a guest in Izmir, you will not understand how the days pass. But sometimes your may have a limited time. For such times, we wanted to provide a road map that you can explore this beautiful city in 24 hours.

When you came to Izmir, if your time is limited but you want to enjoy this beautiful city and explore the city. Where should you start and where should be your priority? What should you try, what route should you follow, which regions should you prefer for fun? We tried to answer these questions for you.

Basmane Streets

You can start the day by wandering the streets of Basmane, one of the symbols of old Izmir, which dates back to ancient times. You will witness the daily rhythm of Izmir while visiting old Turkish and Jewish houses, historical fountains, baths, walls and agora. Do not neglect to have breakfast accompanied by Gevrek and Boyoz in the cafes you encounter on the way.

Kemeraltı Bazaar

When you walk from Basmane towards Konak center, towards Kemeraltı Bazaar, you will see the famous Clock Tower, take a photo in the Clock Tower and visit the Kemeraltı Bazaar behind the tower. Kemeraltı Bazaar will immediately take you in with its sweet chaos and surprising rhythm. It is possible to find almost anything you are looking for in this historical bazaar, which dates back to the 1600s. More than 15 thousand shops are in service in the bazaar. While wandering around the bazaar, you will come across authentic historical shops, inns, baths, mosques and fountains. Don't forget to eat mussels on the Midyeciler Street and buy souvenirs for your loved ones.

Dario Moreno Street - Historical Elevator

Located on Mithatpaşa Street in Konak district, Dario Moreno Street takes its name from Dario Moreno, an Italian-Jewish Turkish guitarist, pianist and movie actor. Dario Moreno, who reflects his love for Izmir in all his works, is one of the greatest artists who have lived in Izmir. This street, which also includes the house where Moreno lived with his family, is quite beautiful with its Italian style mastic houses. Moreno House, which serves as a museum today; It is a very popular stop with its cafes, art schools, old Greek houses and souvenir shops. You can have very sweet coffees of the street and you can also visit the historical elevator near it and watch the unique view of the Gulf.


After a little rest on Dario Moreno Street, next stop is Kordon; one of the most popular places in Izmir. From Kordon, you can take a hike to Alsancak by watching the structures on the coastline, the sea, and passers-by. If you wish, you can buy some Gevrek -Turkish bagel- and share it with the seagulls during this pleasant walk.

Gündoğdu Square

During this walk, your path will extend to the most important square in Izmir, Gündoğdu. At the center of this famous square, which hosts many events such as rallies, concerts, celebrations and parades, is the Republic Tree Statue, made by the sculptor Ferit Özşen in 2003. It is possible to come across entertaining events in Gündoğdu Square. Do not forget to eat Kumru at the buffets close to the square.


Alsancak, one of the central districts of Izmir, is the heart of entertainment. Every street of Alsancak, which is a meeting point, is beautiful. Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street is one of the streets that you should definitely see and visit. While wandering, you will come across historical houses, structures and churches. You will be greeted by interesting and stylish shops, cafes and restaurants on each street.

Karşıyaka - Bostanlı

It is impossible not visit the famous Karşıyaka while having a trip to Izmir. The most enjoyable way to reach Karşıyaka is by ferry. Karşıyaka, one of the important centers of Izmir, is worth seeing with its kilometers-long coastal road, the bazaar, streets and liveliness that you will get lost in. You can enjoy the unique view by watching the sunset on the Sunset Terrace in Bostanlı, which lies right next to the center of Karşıyaka. We recommend you to have your dinner in Bostanlı or Karşıyaka. Many attractive alternatives will be waiting for you.


Bornova, one of the historical districts of Izmir, is a campus where university students are concentrated. It offers a lot of options with its live music clubs, cafes and restaurants. Moreover, the prices are very reasonable. Küçükpark, Meydan or Süvari Streets are the center points of entertainment in Bornova. If you wish, you can start the night here and end it in the lively atmosphere of Alsancak. If you get hungry, you can end the night with 'Night Boyoz' or the famous Izmir Söğüş (cold cut).


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