Foreigners Love Izmir Cuisine

From different regions of Turkey and abroad who settled in İzmir, there are many people who choose to live here. İzmir is Turkey's most interested city from this perspective. In addition to its location, climate and facilities, İzmir also draws attention with its cuisine. Those who settled in Izmir agree that Izmir cuisine is very tasty and rich.

The Aegean Region has been and continues to be one of the most important centers of the world throughout history. İzmir, the heart of the Aegean region, still continues to receive immigrants from many parts of the country and the world. Its natural beauties, plant diversity, historical and cultural richness, reflected in its cuisine. Today, the fame of Aegean cuisine has spread all over the world. Although the foreigners who choose to live in Izmir come from different points and cultures of the world, the common opinion is that Izmir is a paradise in terms of food culture and diversity.

Having a rich variety of gastronomy shaped by the influences of Aegean culture, Ottoman, Greek, Jewish, Italian and French cuisines, Izmir is a city that blends local flavors with world cuisine. The biggest advantage is the variety of natural herbs, fruits and vegetables. That's why Izmir's neighborhood markets are very famous. Almost every district has its own market. Drawing attention to the size and diversity of the neighborhood markets Bostanlı Organic Market, Yeryüzü Pazarı, Foca Earth Market, the only member of the Network in Turkey, attracts attention with its 110-year history Ödemis Saturday Market and Turkey's first inhabitants (Cittaslow) town of Seferihisar Kaleiçi Organic Market, established in Sığacık Mahallesi. Foreigners who settled in Izmir love these huge open-air markets. Markets also offer great advantages to get to know the culture and people of the country.

It is possible to find seafood in every season of the year in İzmir, which is a sea city. Especially the coastline is rich in fish restaurants and fish markets. While Güzelbahçe and Bostanlı districts within İzmir draw attention, Urla, Çeşme and Foça, which are the favorite resorts of summer months, stand out in terms of their seafood diversity and quality of fish restaurants. Foreigners who settle in Izmir discover these regions in a short time and become regulars.

The diversity of herbs and appetizers increase the taste of Turkey's world-famous kebabs and fishes in the table. Salad is a must for all meals. İzmir deserves praise in this regard. Green beans with olive oil, sour Cretan squash, stuffed zucchini flowers, kenger, stuffed celery, herbed cheese spinach pastries, pancakes, stuffed artichoke, stuffed grape leaves with olive oil, radish herb salad, cibes, chicory salad, mustard herb salad, ivy salad, sea beans, Stinging nettle salad, roasting halvacık, cheese Greek paste, zucchini tarator, grilled artichoke, aegean herb plate, cunda paste are just a few of these flavors.

Healthy eating is almost the motto of the city. Therefore, the nutritional alternatives of those who have vegetarian and vegan diet are quite wide in İzmir. With its herbs, appetizers, vegetable dishes, and world-renowned quality olive oil, a cuisine that makes vegans and vegetarians happy is emerging. It is possible to find cafes and restaurants with vegan and vegetarian menus in almost every corner of the city. Especially central districts such as Alsancak, Karşıyaka, and Bostanlı offer rich alternatives in this regard.

Izmir is also famous for its street food and snacks. Foreigners living here discover the local street delicacies of Izmir such as simit, boyoz, kumru, söğüş, kokoreç, and soon become fans of these delicacies.




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