Kemeraltı Antique Dealers Bazaar

The Antique Dealers Bazaar, opened inside the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar in Fall 2019, brings collectors and antique dealers together.

Bringing the traces of the past together with today's texture, the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar stands out as one of the places where you can meet your every need with its colorful stores, and one of the historical buildings worth seeing with its inns and fountains.

The Antique Dealers Bazaar, opened here in the fall of 2019, brings together collectors and antique dealers who are passionate about old items.

Located right next to the old fish market, in the Kemeraltı covered bazaar (bedesten), Kemeraltı Antique Dealers Bazaar introduces itself as “the only place where collectors of history gather under one roof”. When you visit the bazaar, you see how appropriate this definition is. Because the antique dealers here are interested not in the "old items” but in the “items with a history behind" and offer such items to collectors.

While listening to Turkish Classical Music songs from the turntables all around, you can find antique, retro, and vintage products in the bazaar, that has nearly 40 shops. Countless items, from dial phones to old phonebooks, from the world's first wheelchair to antique porcelain cups, take visitors on a journey to the past.

If you are also keen on items with a history behind, do not forget to stop by Kemeraltı Antique Dealers Bazaar when you are in Izmir. After the hours you will spend in the bazaar, you can rest in a bedesten and have a cup of traditional Turkish coffee.


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