Çukur Inn

Bergama / İzmir

Çukur Inn

Saraçlar Bazaar is located next to the Lonca Masjid. It is estimated that Çukur Inn was built together with the Guild Masjid in the 14th-15th century. Today, only 8 of the 40 shops, all of which were known as the Grand Bazaar and located across the front of the Inn and survived up to this day and are still used as a shop today. The inn was divided into three by his heirs, and with this division, the eastern part of the inn was named Selçuk and Bozkurt Inn. These inns are not used today. The building has a rectangular plan. The wooden parts of the main entrance of the inn have been renovated in places. The inn is two-storey and the ground floor is used as a warehouse, barn and workplace, some of the shops are covered with vaults. The upper floor is reached by a wooden staircase, the iwan facing the courtyard has a wooden roof and wooden flooring on wooden poles. Room doors open to the porch. Some parts of the facade of the iwan facing the courtyard were later closed with a brick wall. There are vaulted rooms next to the entrance door of the inn. The windows of the rooms facing the outside are pointed arches. A room above the entrance door has a dome placed on four walls and a window made of brick and cut stone. Inn gate opens to Saraçlar Arasta. Two more doors were added later. Stone and brick were used as building materials in the construction of the inn, which survived the fire danger. The inn, which is divided into three, and the covered bazaar in front of it have largely lost their plan feature today.


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