Boyalık Beach

Çeşme / İzmir

Boyalık Beach

Boyalık Beach, which is about 4 kilometers long, is located between Ilıca and Çeşme to the north of Çeşme. It is one of the few sandy beaches closest to Çeşme center. Previously, there were not many hotels and hostels around, so few people knew about it. The beach, which is known only to those who live in the region and the people of Izmir, has increased with the increasing number of hotels and pensions. The beach and the bottom of the water consist of a fine layer of sand. It has the characteristics of Ilıca Beach with its length and beach structure. The sea with its turquoise color welcomes you with all its beauty. The sea, where many sea creatures live, is so clean and clear that you are very likely to encounter these creatures while swimming. You may come across juvenile fish and sea horses very often, especially during the egg laying period. Due to its shallow structure, it is suitable for families with children and new learners to swim.


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