Delikli Bay

Çeşme / İzmir

Delikli Bay

Delikli Bay is located in the south of Çeşme, 13 kilometers from the center. Until a few years ago this location was only known by who lived in the area. Delikli Bay is the best place of discovery for those looking for a quiet, calm and peaceful holiday. It is quiet and calm because compared to many beaches, the water is cold and the beach is covered with gravel. It is the natural rocks in the sea that make the bay special, which is preferred by those who seek peace during their holidays. The name of the bay comes from the hollows of the rocks that emerged as a result of natural formation. The bay is mostly preferred for swimming from the holes formed in the middle of these rocks. Another reason for preference is that there are areas around suitable for camping.


Ali  Can

Ali Can

definetly a must see..