Izmir International Fair

Konak / İzmir

Izmir International Fair

Izmir International Fair was held for the 88th time in 2019. The country's first and only public commercial fair that brings together different sectors, from past to present aims to bring together global innovations and developments with Turkey. Izmir International Fair not only expands the commercial perspective of the country, but also contributes to the cultural development of the country with the intercultural interaction environment it creates. The fair also promises entertainment to its guests with its activities lasting ten days. Many events appealing to all segments, ranging from concerts to theater, from movie screenings to musical shows, from talks to street shows are held within the scope of the Izmir International Fair. Other events organized within the scope of the fair; Izmir Business Days, Kemeraltı Street, Lawn Concerts, Mogambo Nights, Street Shows, Art Street, Book Street, Face-to-Face Talks, Cinema Here Festival.


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