Agamemnon Hot Springs

Balçova / İzmir

Agamemnon Hot Springs

There are various myths and historical information about what purpose and when the millions of years of Balçova thermal water was first used. The first rumors date back to Agamemnon, who gave the water its name, and the 1200s BC. There are Balçova Thermal Facilities, which heal thousands of patients, on the thermal springs where Agamemnon brought his injured soldiers after burning and destroying Troy upon the recommendation of an oracle.

The history

Agamemnon, the famous commander of the Trojan War in the Aegean in 1200 B.C., sent his soldiers to the region closest to the battlefield, known today as Balçova, during the 10-year war. When Agamemnon saw the wounded soldiers soon recovering and returning, he discovered that the spa water healed. According to another rumor, Agamemnon's daughter, whose face and body was covered with wounds, recovered and became beautiful by washing in these waters, Agamemnon believed that this region was a special place. And this region was known as Agamemnon Hot Springs in history. In time, baths, closed cells, microbial purification structures and mud and water pools were built in this area. For a few centuries A.D., especially during the Eastern Roman Empire, bathing and body cleaning were regarded as a sin under the influence of the Christian view that only valued the soul and despised the body, and Agamemnon Hot Springs, like every spa, were neglected and destroyed. As İzmir was conquered by the Ottomans in 1415 and the hot springs regained their former importance, Agamemnon Hot Springs, like other hot springs and springs, were repaired and became a source of healing again. Agamemnon Thermal Springs, which received the support of the administrators during the Republic period, gradually developed. In the 1980s, under the Special Provincial Administration, baths and pools were restructured and first the hotel section was opened and then the Treatment Center was opened and put into service of health and tourism under the name of Balçova Thermal Facilities.


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