Athena Temple

Bayraklı / İzmir

Athena Temple

The most important sacred structure of the city was the Temple of Athena. The oldest preserved ruin of this temple until today is dated between 725-700 BC years. The brilliant period of old Izmir corresponds to between 650-545 BC years. This period, which lasts about a hundred years, constitutes the most powerful period of the entire Ionian civilization. During this period, we see that İzmir was not content with agriculture but also became a partner in Mediterranean trade. One of the important signs of the bright era in Izmir is that the writing has started to become widespread since 650 BC. Many of the gifts presented to the goddess Athena have offering inscriptions. The Temple of Athena (640-580 BC) unearthed during excavations is the oldest architectural work of the Eastern Hellenistic world. The oldest and most beautiful column capitals have been found in Izmir so far.


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