Bergama Ulu (Yıldırım) Mosque

Bergama / İzmir

Bergama Ulu (Yıldırım) Mosque

It is a selatin mosque with a single minaret. Ulu Mosque is divided into nine equal-sized units with four independent pillar with a cross section. The middle aisle on the axis of the mihrab is covered with three domes crossed by pendants. While pointed arches are furnished between the pillars carrying these domes, the side aisles are covered with barrel vaults supported by round arches. The harim gate is on the north facade and the building inscription is here. In the mosque, smooth cut stone, rough cut stone, brick and occasionally spolia were used as building materials. The writings of the fountain in the courtyard were written by the poet Aşki Efendi from Bergama. The mihrab has a rich marble decoration. Mimber is made of marble and it is plain. The prayer room of the mosque, which is made of cut stone in a rectangular plan, is covered with three domes on the same axis, with an octagonal frame, bearing four pillars. The entrance door to the place of worship is on the side and is enclosed in a rectangular frame and has a round arch. The place of worship is illuminated by two windows on each wall. The top row of these is gypsum mesh. The mihrab is in the form of a round niche and has an intricate inscription written in Seljuk sulcus. At the same time, the mihrab is decorated with geometric ornaments and plaster reliefs. The pulpit is made of marble and has a geometric decoration. Next to it 38 m. high minaret with a round body and a single balcony on a stone base.

The history

It is understood from the inscription that the mosque was built by Sultan Bayezid in 801 / 1398-1399. The mosque was repaired in 1905 and the minaret in 1949.


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