Bikur Holim Synagogue

Konak / İzmir

Bikur Holim Synagogue

A Dutch immigrant of Portuguese origin, Salomon de Ciaves, a Jew, donated a house with a large garden on the Ikiçeşmelik road to be used as a synagogue in 1724. He ensured that all the books and sacred objects needed for a synagogue were bought. He also devoted some houses and shops next to it to the synagogue to generate income. The Bikur Holim Synagogue, burned in 1772, was rebuilt in 1800 by Manuel De Ciaves of the same family.

The basement of the synagogue, also known as Çaves Synagogue, was used as a hospital in one of the plague or cholera epidemics that are common in the city. After that date, it was called Bikur Holim, which means 'patient visit'. There is also a possibility that this basement was once used as a Bet Din prison.

This synagogue is one of the most beautiful places of worship in Izmir, with its central Teva, ceiling decorated with flower and fruit pictures, and plaster-embossed columns. Its marble floor is covered with old Turkish rugs in places. The iron shutters of the arched windows are from the 19th century. The synagogue's garden is no longer present as it was included in the road during the opening of the Ikiçeşmelik road.

At the Bikur Holim Synagogue, morning prayers can be held every two weeks on Saturdays, alternating with the Algazi Synagogue.


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