Catholic Cathedral Basilica of St. John

Konak / İzmir

Catholic Cathedral Basilica of St. John

It is a Catholic cathedral located in Alsancak district. It is used by both Protestant, Catholic and American congregations.

The St. John Catholic Cathedral Basilica in Izmir is the only church standing today among the Seven Churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation. This is the home and spiritual center of the Christian community founded by the Apostle John.

This church is also the territory of Turkey is the most important place of worship for Catholics to be the most imposing and Chief bishop's authority.

The history

The church, whose construction started in 1862, was opened in 1874. The main altar is the gift of Pope Pion 9. It is known that in 1863, Sultan Abdülaziz gave a large amount of gold to be used in the construction of the Catholic Church.


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