Denizli Köyü Mosque

Urla / İzmir

Denizli Köyü Mosque

The mosque, located in İzmir Province, Urla district, Denizli Village, is a 13th century work. It is similar to Seljuk style mosques in terms of construction technique. It is known that it has undergone general maintenance several times and lastly underwent a comprehensive restoration in 2012. The fountain from the same periods still preserves its historical character. And it continues its active service. Its minaret preserves its original quality. Tile is used as roofing material. In addition, it is seen that the harim walls are made of reused materials other than cut stone. The graves in the graves on the right and left at the entrance of the mosque are also quite old. The interior of the mosque is quite plain. The mihrab is simply made; The pulpit is wooden and very plain. The entrance to the ladies' place is via a ladder from the outside, and this part is made of plain and wooden material.


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