Hacı Turhan Kapan Mosque

Urla / İzmir

Hacı Turhan Kapan Mosque

The Hacı Turan Mosque in the Yenice District of Izmir's Urla district is also known as Unkapanı or Kapan Mosque. Built in 1554, the mosque is made of cut stone and rubble, with a square plan and a single dome resting on an octagonal drum. The place of worship is illuminated by three windows in the lower row and one next to the mihrab, with rectangular windows In addition, there is one more window on the side walls in the second row. The mihrab is in the form of a round niche. There is a tiled narthex in front of the mosque in three sections. The base of the minaret next to the mosque rises up to the drum of the dome. The body of the minaret is cylindrical and has a single balcony.


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