Halil Ağa Mosque

Kemalpaşa / İzmir

Halil Ağa Mosque

The mosque was built on a very high basement with a rectangular plan made of cut stone, rubble stone and brick. There is a narthex with five sections in front of the two-storey mosque. The place of worship is covered with a wooden roof. The mihrab is in the form of a round niche. There is no decoration element that draws attention in terms of decoration. Next to the mosque, there is a minaret with a round body and a single balcony on a stone base.

The history

This mosque, located in the center of Yukarı Kızılca downtown in Kemalpaşa district of İzmir, was built by Hacı Halil Ağa in 1311 Hijri (1893/94 AD) with the help of the people of Yukarı Kızılca. In the inscription of four couplets on the door of the sentence, arranged by a poet from Izmir; It is stated that the mosque was the work of a master named Talib and the construction took place in 1311 (1893-94). It was also unveiled by Rahmi Hüseyin Ünal that this master named Talib also built the Çarşı Mosque in the center of Kemalpaşa in 1307 (1889-90) and the Çarşı Mosque in Parsa (Bağyurdu) in 1322 (1904-1905) . It is said that a master named Talip built the mosque. The mosque was partially moved away from its character with the repairs made in the 20th century.


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