İncirli Masjid

Bergama / İzmir

İncirli Masjid

The building has a square planned cubic harim and a minaret to the east. Rough and rubble stones and bricks were used as building materials. The dome covering the harim is seated on an octagonal drum. The minaret, located in the middle of the east facade, was built in 1965 with zigzag bricks. The mihrab has undergone many repairs and has four rows of stalactite kavsara made without care. It is thought that the mosque was built together with Kuplu Hamam and Tashan. It has partially lost its feature with the repairs made at different times. Recently, a building without any architectural feature has been added to the front. It serves both culture and faith tourism.

The history

Located in Izmir Bergama district, this mosque was built in 1427 with the bath next to it.


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