İshak Bey Mosque

Selçuk / İzmir

İshak Bey Mosque

The construction date of this mosque, which is located in İzmir Selçuk district, at the junction of Aydın-İzmir road, has not been finalized. However, it is thought that the building style was built in the early 14th century during the Aydınoğulları period. This rather ruined mosque was restored by Izmir Regional Directorate of Foundations in 2005-2006 and opened for worship. It is made of cut stone and has a square plan. The place of worship is covered with a tiled dome with an octagonal drum. It is illuminated by two windows on each side of the prayer room. The mihrab is in the form of a round niche and has a rectangular protrusion. The last congregation place of the mosque was added later. No decoration element was found inside the mosque. The minaret next to the mosque is separate from the building and has a round body and a single balcony on a rectangular stone base. There are stalactites suitable for the period under the honor.

The history

It was built in 1648 by İshak Pasha, who was the governor of Aydın. The mosque was built on a plot of mosque in the previous periods, but whose builder is unknown. The minaret of the old mosque stands separately from the building. Its square-planned dome displays an octagonal rim. The transition to the dome is provided by pendants. There is a fountain and an inscribed marble trough in front of the minaret. It was restored in 2006.


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