Kurşunlu Mosque

Bergama / İzmir

Kurşunlu Mosque

Proper cut stone was used as a building material. The dome covering the harim is kept deaf and is placed on an octagonal drum. There are molded eaves on the south and west walls and the drum of the dome, and two rows of hedgehog fringes on the south wall of the narthex. The mosque is surrounded by wooden porches along the north and east walls. It is understood from the traces that exist today that the portico on the east facade was originally covered with a dome. The dome of the mosque rests on an internal Turkish triangular pulley. To the north of the harim is the women's hall, which is carried by wooden poles. Mihrap has five rows of stalactite kilns and is located in a narrow rectangle. The wooden pulpit is carved in color.

The history

It is an Ottoman period mosque built in 1415.


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