Kozbeyli Urban Protected Area

Foça / İzmir

Kozbeyli Urban Protected Area

It is a village within the borders of Foça district of İzmir, located in the south of Gencerli, which is the south coast of Çandarlı Bay, on the northern slopes of the eastern part of Şaphane Mountain, and 60 km away from İzmir. The exact and exact date of the foundation of Kozbeyli has not been determined, but it is estimated that it was established approximately five hundred years ago in the present settlement area. Ersin Doğer, in his work titled 'History of Menemen and Tarhaniyat', states that the history of Kozbeyli can be traced back to the period of Saruhanoğulları and counts Kozbeyli within the boundaries of the Saruhanoğulları Principality in the 14th and 16th centuries. There are traces of antiquity and various ruins around the village.


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