Laskaris Palace (Maiden's Tower)

Kemalpaşa / İzmir

Laskaris Palace (Maiden's Tower)

Kemalpaşa maiden's tower, which was built by the 2nd Tehedodoros Laskaris in the Byzantine period and was called Laskaris Palace at that time, is located in Kemalpaşa district, which is known as Nif in history and has an important historical texture.

The history

The historical importance of the tower is based on a legend that has been circulated during the Byzantine period. According to the legend, the Ionian princess and the king of Sart will marry and the princess receives the news of the death of the king in today's Kemalpaşa district, which was called Nif at that time, when the bride was going to the king, and after this sad news, the princess ordered a palace to be built here and spent the rest of her life here. The building is a three-storey historical building made of white and red bricks. Kemalpaşa Maiden's Tower, which can be seen clearly from the entrance of Kemalpaşa district, has become the symbol of Kemalpaşa district in time.


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