Bağlararası Bronze Period Settlement

Çeşme / İzmir

Bağlararası Bronze Period Settlement

It is located in Musalla Neighbourhood Bağarası District. It was unearthed as a result of salvage excavations in the region between 2001-2005. Although the remains belong to the Early and Middle Bronze Period, small finds were found during the excavations, indicating that the region was also settled in the Late Bronze Age. It has a very developed city plan compared to its period. The buildings were built with mudbrick on stone foundations. Inside the houses, there are independent hearths and ovens. The absence of a common partition wall even in adjacent buildings indicates that there is a sharp awareness of property segregation. The wine workshop unearthed in the Middle Bronze Period settlement is a unique structure and is a very important find in terms of providing information about the wine production style of the period.


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