Mermerli Fountain (Ahmet Ağa Fountain)

Urla / İzmir

Mermerli Fountain (Ahmet Ağa Fountain)

It is known from the sources that this fountain, located in the Urla district of Izmir province, was built in 1645-1646 by a person named Ahmet Ağa. In the first years of the Republic, in 1923, the Municipality of Urla transformed this fountain into a monument of Independence in memory of the War of Independence and its originality was removed with the additions made at that time. Today it is known as Mermerli Fountain. The fountain in the middle of the square is framed with marble columns. Behind this, fountains are placed around the four corner plinth made of white marble. A circular column was placed on top of a molded projection above it. Thus, the fountain became more like a monument.


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