Urla Public Education Center Building

Urla / İzmir

Urla Public Education Center Building

The owner of the building, Osman Bey, came to Urla as the PTT manager and was originally from Malatya. Osman Bey donated the building, which he used as a house, to be used as a school for female students to study. The building was transformed into 'URLA GIRLS' SCHOOL 'by the Ministry of National Education and was put into service in the 1920 - 1921 academic year, until 1930 it served as' Girls 'School'. The building, which continued education and training as a 3-class mixed primary school for girls and boys in 1930, was transformed into a 5-class dual-education mixed primary school in the academic year of 1955-1956. Until the beginning of the 1968-1969 academic year, it was used as the 3rd Primary School and later as 'OSMAN BEY İLKOKULU' When the Children's Library, which was opened on December 20, 1969, was moved to the building, it began to be used as a 'KIDS LIBRARY'. While the property of the building belongs to İzmir Special Provincial Administration, it was allocated to be used in Public Education Services indefinitely and without rent, with the decision of the Provincial Permanent Commission on January 8, 1970 and numbered 17. The building is one of the buildings registered and protected by the Ministry of Culture, Izmir No.1 Board of Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage. The historical feature of the building is that the building is 'completely stone building and its eaves are hedgehog'. The building consists of 2 executive rooms, 1 laboratory, 2 classrooms, 1 warehouse and 1 archive section. While the central building was used as a house by the Greeks, it was later transferred to the Treasury. After the building was transferred to the treasury, it was used as Consulate, Government Medical Office and Urla Government building. It was opened in 1956 as the Evening Art School for Girls. After the closure of Practical Girls Art Schools in 2012, Urla Martyr Sergeant Bülent Köfter continued to serve as Public Education Center. Urla Martyr Sergeant Bülent Köfter Public Education Center was closed and merged under the name of Urla Public Education Center Directorate with the letter of MoNE Lifelong Learning General Directorate, dated 13.02.2014 and numbered 105.99 / 637743.


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