Hamza Baba Mausoleum and Cemetery

Kemalpaşa / İzmir

Hamza Baba Mausoleum and Cemetery

Hamza Baba Mausoleum is 30 km from Kemalpaşa district of İzmir. It is located in Eski Hamza Baba village, which is a distance away. The village is a small forest village with 25 houses and a population of 250. The maintenance of the mustache is carried out by the Postnish, who is said to be descended from the father of Hamza, who has the Edict of Caliphate in his hand. He came to Anatolia from the Balkayıp region of Horasan with his military. It is rumored to be one of the Ahmet Yesevi dervishes. He conquered and settled the places where the mausoleum is now located.


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