Signora Giveret Synagogue

Konak / İzmir

Signora Giveret Synagogue

The main place of the synagogue is accessed from a terrace that is elevated with five steps from the courtyard. The synagogue was built with a central plan, in its original state. The new plan scheme, which started to be implemented with Italian influence in the 20th century, was also tried in the Signora Giveret Synagogue, its portable tevya was lifted to the heikal wall and integrated with the torah cabinet. Seating rows, were transformed into a linear form, as in the interior sites of churches. Today the synagogue has a linear plan scheme. The mehizah, which is located above the entrance hall opening to the main site, is ascended from the courtyard.

This place is separated by half-wooden cages and positioned as a mezzanine floor opposite the heikal wall. The building is two storeys high and is a single volume. Its walls were built as stone bricks. Its roof is hipped wood. Its ceilings and floor coverings are wooden.

The courtyard walls of the Signora Giveret Synagogue, which has a large courtyard, were built as solid and high so that the synagogue could not be seen from the street. Interior site is decorated with bronze flowers surrounded by green geometric forms on the ceiling, burgundy covers that decorate the Tevya and the torah closet, and the maroon cushions of the seating rows.

The history

Signora Giveret Synagogue is located on Havra Street, on the parcel overlooking Anafartalar Street and 927 Street. It is very close to Algaze and Shalom synagogues. The synagogue, known to have been built by Donna Gracia Mendes between 1510 and 1569, was severely damaged in the fire of 1841 and was rebuilt by the Jerusalem family in a central plan.


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