Yalı (Konak) Mosque

Konak / İzmir

Yalı (Konak) Mosque

Since it was built by the sea, it is called by this name. Also known as 'Konak Mosque', 'Government Mosque' and 'Ayse Hanim Mosque'. It was built in Hegira 1162 (Gregorian 1748-1749) to be used as the mosque of the madrasah built by Ayse Hanim, daughter of Katipzade Mehmet Pasha. Madrasah, mosque yard, and epitaph unfortunately did not survive to modern day.

This mosque is built in classical Ottoman architecture style; it is an elegant structure with a single dome and a single minaret. Octagonal-planned mosque has a minaret made of cut stone. At the end of World War I, it was repaired by Architect Tahsin Sermet Bey on initiation of Izmir Governor Rahmi Bey. He performed repair works in National Architecture style, which was the most common style of the period. It was repaired twice, in 1964 and 1997; glazed tiles you can see on the outer face of the mosque reflect these stages. The first set of glazed tiles were made by Hafiz Mehmet Effendi, glazed tiles from 1964 were made by Hafiz Mehmet Effendi's son Hakki Cinicioglu, and the tiles from 1997 were made by ceramics artist Umran Baradan.


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