Şadırvan Mosque

Konak / İzmir

Şadırvan Mosque

Şadırvan Mosque Shadirvan is located at the bottom of the library, which has an internal connection with the mosque.

Although the shadirvan is not certain, it is known that it was built in 1630 and was repaired in 1815. It took its current form in 1834, with a Baroque library on it.

The history

A writing band wraps around the inside of the dome skirt of the shadirvan. The dodecagonal shadirvan was covered with a dome supported by eight columns connected by arches around it. The interior of the dome was decorated with hand-made floral ornaments made of naturalist flowers using green and orange colors on a white background. On the inner corners of the arch of the dome, naturalist flowers in the form of a bouquet tied with ribbons, pomegranate flowers, spikes and olive branches were depicted.

An arched and vaulted connection was established between the vaulted passage under the mosque, which was built in an extraordinary style, and the shadirvan. The vault and arch pediments were decorated with brown, tile, gray and purple colored pencil work. Over time, the pencil works were renewed in accordance with the original. The surface was divided into two by a clock face depicted on the key point of the vault. Landscape depictions are engraved on the side surfaces.

The water of the Şadırvan Mosque Shadirvan, built of marble material, is still flowing.


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