Homa Fishery

Menemen / İzmir

Homa Fishery

Traditional fishing activities are carried out in Homa fishery, located in the Gediz Delta and connected to the district of Menemen. Fishery that rich in fish, are therefore very important for birds. Birds can easily find their food in these areas and survive. Dalyan provides breeding, wintering, feeding and sheltering opportunities for many bird species. Dalmatian pelican ( Pelecanus crispus ), Caspian tern ( Hydroprogne caspia ), maple plover ( Charadrius alexandrinus ), tern ( Sterna hirundo ) and the small tern (Sternula albifrons ) are important bird species that breed in the area. The large plover (Charadrius leschenaultii , the charcarin) sandbird (alidris alpina ) and the silver sprinkler (Pluvialis squatarola ) are among the wintering bird species in the area. Permission is required to enter the zone.


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