Fadime-Kaplan Zülfikargil Farm

Foça / İzmir

Fadime-Kaplan Zülfikargil Farm

Farm, which is 2 km away from Ilıpınar village of Foça, is located between the red pine forest, olive groves and pomegranate gardens. Ilıpınar, an old Greek village, takes its name from the spring that still flows inside the village. Retired teachers Fadime and Kaplan Zülfikargil started to share their Farm with Erhan and Yonca Çetinbağ couple, who came from Istanbul and worked voluntarily and then quit urban life and chose to produce, as of May 2019, after teaching in Izmir for 25 years. At Farm, where Erhan and Yonca live and contribute to all production processes, the 25-year production of the Zülfikargil couple continues with their participation. Although the most important production in the farm is organic olive harvest, table olives and olive oil, they act with an understanding based on trying all kinds of natural production or listening and producing from other producers. Thus, they produce grape seed oil, olive oil soap, pickles, vinegar, fruits and vegetables enough for them and contribute to the reproduction and sharing of local seeds.


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