Kemalpaşa Vale Picnic Area

Kemalpaşa / İzmir

Kemalpaşa Vale Picnic Area

Kemalpaşa district is approximately 30-40 minutes away from İzmir by car and Kemalpaşa Dere Picnic Area can be reached from the city center. In the promenade, also known as the 'Valley'; There are picnic areas, cafes and a municipal social facility. You can also walk in the valley using the paths. It hosts bird species such as the great tit (Parus major), masked spider (Lanius nubicus), hawk (Buteo buteo) and hawk (Accipiter nisu) are seen during the walk. Mammal wild animals such as rock marten (Martes foina), wild boar (Sus scrofa) and fox (Vulpes vulpes) are also living creatures in the area.


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