Kozak Tableland Yukarıbey Sub-district

Bergama / İzmir

Kozak Tableland Yukarıbey Sub-district

Kozak tableland is an important highland tourism center, located between Bergama-Ayvalık district centers, starting from about 20 km from Bergama, with an altitude of 500-1000 meters above sea level, famous for its pine nuts and textiles. The Yukarıbey Sub-district region is a point where pine trees are concentrated. The people living in the region earn most of their livelihood from pine nuts. In addition, tree species such as sycamore and hairy oak are also found in the area. Bird species such as the masked shrike, woodpecker , finch and blackbird live inside. Among the mammalian wild animals, jackal, wild boar, wild hare and badger are seen.


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