Aliağa Former Military Office Building

Aliağa / İzmir

Aliağa Former Military Office Building

'It is used locally today. The entrance opening is in the middle of the facade and is reached by five stairs from the sidewalk. The windows with low arches and stone jambs are located symmetrically on both sides of the entrance door. On the upper floor, four iron-constructed balconies are placed at the level of the entrance door. There are two symmetrically two windows on the side of the balcony. The basement façade of the building is covered with cut stone up to the ground floor level, and there are small windows with a print arched stone jamb on both sides of the facade. The profiled molding from the balcony level and the profiled moldings on the entrance opening and window tops add dynamism to the building. There is a similar window on each of the lateral ground and first floors. The entrance niche, ceiling and side wings are decorated with cartridges.'


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