Teos Menengici Natural Monument

Seferihisar / İzmir

Teos Menengici Natural Monument

Menengiç (P. terebinthus) 2-3 meters tall shrub or tree can be seen in up to 10 meters tree form can be sorted in Turkey. Opposite composite leaves consist of 5-11 bright leaflets and give a resin scent. Reddish purple flowers appear in March and April. The ink fruit is small and spherical and turns green and blue when ripe. Seeds ripen in September-October. It makes the best development in alkaline soils. It does not grow too long and grows slowly. Its light demand is high. The turbot tree located in Sığacık Local in Seferihisar district was declared as Teos Menengici Natural Monument in 1994 within an area of 1.5 decares.


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