Çaltılıdere Marshy Land

Aliağa / İzmir

Çaltılıdere Marshy Land

Çaltılıdere is a neighbourhood of Aliağa district. It contains the 91-hectare Çaltılıdere Marshy Land. Marshy Land is home to many live groups, especially birds. Gülen sumru (Gelochelidon nilotica), tepeli toygar (Galerida cristata), halkalı küçük cılıbıt (Charadrius dubius), küçük karabatak (Microcarbo pygmeus) ve fiyu (Mareca penelop) is one of the bird species observed in the area. It is one of the Marshy Lands that are counted regularly every year within the scope of the mid-Winter waterfowl count in January. The construction of a marina in this area, where the diversity of life in the region is abundant, poses a great threat to the area.


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