Bergama Old Girls' Vocational High School

Bergama / İzmir

Bergama Old Girls' Vocational High School

It is located at the intersection of Abacıhan Street, Samanpazarı Street and Kınık Street in Talatpaşa Neighborhood. Due to the difference in grade between the two streets, the part entered from Samanpazarı Street has a basement floor. Today it is used as a public library. While it was used as Girls' Vocational High School, the interior was renovated with additions such as kitchen and WC on the ground floor. In 2007, it was restored by Bergama District Governorship and İzmir Special Provincial Administration. The entrance to the floor of the room facing Kinik Street on the ground floor was closed and turned into a window. All windows and doors are surrounded by pointed, flat, flat and bursa arched jambs made of andesite stone. It has three entrances from Abacıhan Street and a level on the ground floor depending on the grade. The upper floor is reached by a wooden staircase, it has six halls around the corridor. Three balconies, one on the narrow facade, sit on cast consoles. The intermediate walls are in the timber technique. The mezzanine floor is wooden and beam reinforcement is made. The outer wall is stone-brick alternating. On the ground floor, after the top of the columns are tied all around with putrules, the brickwork in the form of a full arch was built with regular bricks up to the mezzanine molding.


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