Bergama Former Government Office

Bergama / İzmir

Bergama Former Government Office

'The building located in Zafer Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Caddesi No: 3, is today used as the District Police Department. It is a Republic Period structure at the end of the 20th century. It was built by the district governor of the period, Kemal Bey, in the style of the Ottoman architectural tradition.The building material of the building is rubble stone on the ground floor walls, and the outside is neatly covered with cut stone. Other parts of the building were built with the filling wall technique. Its interior parts are wooden. The building is in a very good condition as exterior, interior, superstructure and decoration elements. The building has two floors except the ground floor. These two layers are separated from each other by a wipe. The facade of the building faces east. The entrance is in the middle and it is in the form of a very wide and deep niche. This niche opens both inside and outside the building with a round arch. There are three window openings on the ground floor to the right and left of the entrance. There are three rectangular windows on both sides of the entrance on the first floor.The upper floor has the same windows. On the second floor, there are small balconies of iron construction in front of the windows in the middle on the right and left. Inside the building there are symmetrical rooms of various sizes that open to a corridor. The second floor is reached by a wooden staircase. The roof is pyramidal and covered with Marseille tiles. There is a square planned clock tower in the middle of the roof. There is a clock on each side.'


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