Former Dept Enforcement Office Building

Bergama / İzmir

Former Dept Enforcement Office Building

'Bergama Municipality is located right next to the old Command Building with its new building. The building allocated to Bergama Municipality after being used as a residence for years is now used as a Social Service Building.The building has a square plan and two floors. It is an example of Bergama's buildings built in an alternative style of stone-brick. Rubble is stone, brick and wood. Its facade faces west. Entrance; It is provided by a double-winged wooden door with a low arch and a five-step staircase. The main entrance is located behind a triangular hall, which is supported by two columns in the front. All rooms open to a hallway. The windows of the building are limited by a stone frame. Upstairs: The windows were not opened on the sloping wall surface of the middle part, which is in the form of an interior balcony. The corners of the upper floor are covered with neat cut stone with teeth. The building has a pyramidal roof and is covered with Marseille tiles.'


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