Gazipaşa Primary School (Les Pergamon Boutique Hotel)

Bergama / İzmir

Gazipaşa Primary School (Les Pergamon Boutique Hotel)

The school structure, which is one-storey on the basement, is built in stone-brick alternating wall technique, and consists of two large buildings and service spaces between them. The landing of the main entrance door with an arched horizon on Taksim Street is the upper floor of the vaulted cistern. The other door on the street side has a low arch and a triangular pediment. This facade is covered with cut stone. On the upper part of the windows, there is a flower in the middle, tulips on both sides, and crescent-star emblems on the continuation of the tulips. Column capitals are in Corinthian order. On the inner surface of the circular arch of the inner small door, there are floral motifs decorated with acanthus leaves in hexagons. The building was restored by Bergama Municipality in 2009 and today serves as Les Pergamon Boutique Hotel and restaurant.

The history

It was built for Greek minority children at the end of the 19th century and was used as a five-class school between 1915-1919. The building, which continued to be used as a primary school in the first years of the Republic, was abandoned with the opening of new schools and later caught fire. The building, built in the Neo-Greek style, was destroyed. The Roman sarcophagus dating to the 2nd century AD, which was revealed during the excavations in the garden in 1890, was used as a fountain and is decorated with three garlands. There is another fountain in the school garden built in the 19th century using cut stone.


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