Mevlâna Hacı Hekim (Hâkim) Hammam

Bergama / İzmir

Mevlâna Hacı Hekim (Hâkim) Hammam

Since the inscription of this hammam, which is located in Bergama district of İzmir province, could not survive, the date of construction could not be finalized. However, A mosque and an arasta were built by a person named Mevlana Haci Hekim in 1513. It is thought that the hammam was built together with the mosque on this date. The hammam is located opposite the Hacı Hekim (Hakim) Mosque. It is also known as Çarşı Hammam and Çifte Hammam. The hammam is made of rubble stone and brick in a rectangular plan. In the middle of the dressing room, there is a marble entrance door with round arches enclosed in a frame with a rectangular molding. The hammam consists of dressing, warm and hot sections. The cold section has a rectangular plan close to a square and is covered with a pulley dome. The temperature section is rectangular and domed. There are private rooms around it and a navel stone in the middle. The furnace part was added adjacent to the hammam. The hammam moved away from its originality due to the repairs made at different times. The hammam, which is divided into two parts for men and women, measures 22 x 30 m and is covered with a total of 24 domes. The two domes on the street are large. There are four middle domes and sixteen small domes, and two vaulted covers. The walls of the hammam are 1-1.5 m wide and built in alternating wall technique. The door of the men's bath is opened to the bazaar.


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