Old Greek Kindergarten (Bergama Kadri Educational History Museum)

Bergama / İzmir

Old Greek Kindergarten (Bergama Kadri Educational History Museum)

It is located in the garden of 14 Eylül Primary School in Talatpaşa Neighborhood. It is a building belonging to the 19th century. It has been restored and serves as a museum. The building has a rectangular plan, a low basement and a ground floor. Its facade overlooks Dede Street. The ground floor is reached by a two-way staircase. There are two windows with marble jambs on both sides of the high entrance door with marble interior and exterior jambs. There are three wreaths on the upper jamb stone of the door and a book relief within the wreath in the middle. There is also a profiled marble pediment on the door. Under the eaves, there is a triglyph frieze consisting of a metop and a triglyph. On the side facades, this frieze is crossed with four rows of bricks. Inside the building, there are two rooms to the right of the entrance corridor, a classroom to the left, and two classrooms in the middle corridor. The partitions were built in Baghdadi style. It has moulding between floors. There are five large windows on the side facade. The basement entrance is located on this facade. The monolithic marble fountain under the main entrance staircase attracts attention with its mirror decorations.


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