Tekke Boğazı Bridge

Bergama / İzmir

Tekke Boğazı Bridge

The inscription of this bridge on the Bergama (Selinus) Stream in the Bergama district of Izmir province has not survived to the present day. It is thought to have been built on the Roman era bridge in the 14th century, during the Ottoman period. It has lost its characteristics to a great extent with the repairs made in different periods. Cut, rough cut and rubble stone were used as construction material. It belongs to the vertical bridge group. The arches are laid with cut stone, and between the arches and the vault fillings with rubble stone. The bridge consists of a rather large round arched eye in the middle and two on the east side and one small round arched eye on the west side. The spurs on the upstream side are made to break the flow force of the water. The bridge is about 50 m long, the bastion is 3.10 m, the height from the beginning of the parapet on the keystone of the great arch to the riverbed is 7.15 m. A wider place was created at the head of the bridge on the Acropolis side to wait for the oncoming vehicle.


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