Ulu Mosque Bridge

Bergama / İzmir

Ulu Mosque Bridge

There is no document stating the construction of this bridge, which is located on the Bergama (Selinus) Stream passing through the city in Bergama district of İzmir province. However, the big eye of the Bridge has a rounded eye, and the smaller eye has a more pointed arch. Although this difference causes difficulties in dating the bridge, it is understood that the first construction date was a Roman bridge built in the 2nd or 3rd century AD. However, it was repaired by the Ottomans and the small eye was rebuilt from the same material. Covering on rubble stone is made of cut stone material. Iron railings were made on both sides of the bastion later. Due to its location in front of the Bergama Ulu Mosque, it was known as the Ulu Mosque Bridge among the public. The bridge, made of cut stone, has two eyes, one of them is big and the other is small. There are cornices and handrails on the round arches. In the following years, these balustrades were made of iron.


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