Quilting - İ. Şahbaz

Bergama / İzmir

Quilting - İ. Şahbaz

Quilts, which respond to the warming and protection needs of human beings, form a handicraft and traditional profession group under the heading of quilting in our culture with their fabric types, sewing techniques and models. Although their number has decreased, it is possible to come across quilt masters throughout Izmir.
With the modernization of heating equipment in homes, the need for thick wool and cotton quilts has decreased. For this reason, the ratio of cotton that was put on quilts in the past and which was 4.5-5 kilos for a double quilt has dropped to 2.5 kilos. Quilts to be used daily are sewn with printed fabrics and a simple technique called tight stitch.

The history

Four kilograms of cotton are used for silk duvets and four and a half kilograms for daily use. Double-size quilts of 225x195 and single quilts of 160x220 are sewn. Quilt patterns such as Altıparmak, mirrored baklava, fish scale, pinwheel, Beşparmak, straw, flower branch, rose, pumpkin leaf, Bursa pattern are still maintained today.


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