Saddlery - R. Kavas

Bergama / İzmir

Saddlery - R. Kavas

Saddle making is related to the traditions of other pack animals, mainly horses, due to the past nomadic culture of the Turks. Saddles and saddles; It is manufactured with careful measurement and from natural materials such as wood, leather and felt to ensure comfortable movement of both the rider and the animal. Saddle-making is one of our rapidly declining folk arts.

The history

The wooden part that forms the main skeleton in saddle making is made of plane tree. This section is covered with reeds, sacks, felt and goatskin cut from the lake side at the end of summer. Master; It uses an old measuring stick to determine the small, medium and large sizes of the saddle and to make the horse saddle. Making a saddle takes an average of three days.


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