Shoemaking - M. Tülü

Bergama / İzmir

Shoemaking - M. Tülü

Shoes are roughly embroidered shoes without a sleeve. It passed into Turkish from the Italian word condura. The production cost is high due to the fact that natural materials such as leather and leather, which are the main ingredients of the shoe, are not easily available and are expensive. It continues to produce a Master for traditional natural leather shoes enthusiasts.

The history

Mehmet Tülü, born in Bergama, Mehmet Usta, who has been working in shoes for 66 years; It produces durable shoes using calfskin and masats, hammers, knives, scissors, side and nose calipers, press and milling machines. There are frequenters of moccasin, elastic, five-piece shoes and shoes called tulumbacılar. The shoes called tulumbacılar, which are mostly demanded by the young people in Bergama villages, are also preferred by Mehmet Usta due to his comfort.


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