The Evil Eye Bead - V. Duman

Kemalpaşa / İzmir

The Evil Eye Bead - V. Duman

The eye figure on the evil eye beads has been accepted as a powerful talisman that protects it from evil in many cultures and beliefs since prehistoric times. Evil eye bead is used as an ornament, tradition and ornament. The old name of Nazarköy, which is an important center where the traditional evil eye bead production is made, in İzmir Kemalpaşa District is Kurudere. Its name was changed to Nazarköy in 2007 due to the production of nazar beads.

The history

Evil eye bead, which is widely used in our country, is produced by bead masters who are trained in master-apprentice relationship in Kemalpaşa Nazarköy and Menderes Görece. Evil eye beads, which are produced one by one with the help of simple tools and made from heat melted glass obtained from wood fire in traditional furnaces called hearths, are used as a decorative or touristic product as well as being used as protection against evil eye.


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